The layout library is one of the more useful extensions in Forge. It’s made so that you don’t have to spend hours building your designs– instead, you can use one of its layouts and you’re done. This way, you can drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to build a complete website.

And today, we have added four new layouts to the library.

Skyline, an agency-themed layout set

All these four new layouts are themed under the name ‘Skyline’.

The underlying colors, typography and style is the same for all of them so in a sense thisrelease is the same as launching a new WordPress theme. These pages are meant to be the first of many layouts to be released– the idea is to create multiple pages for each set, so that you can easily replicate an entire website in seconds.

Skyline is a set specially made for agencies, corporate websites, and marketing oriented pages. The styling is clean and professional-looking, so they can work on just about any website. We wanted to have a neutral approache this time, so that the set would be of use to as many people as possible.

The four pages that Skyline comes with are as follow:

The homepage. The homepage is highly focused on getting clicks and presenting a lot of content beautifully. It displays a portfolio of posts, featured clients, and has a lot of room for adding content.

The services page. Almost any agency or business that offers it services can use this layout to create a full-screen listing with ease. In this page, we used a zig-zag style to showcase each service.

The pricing page. If you are offering your services at a specific price point, this page will help you present them clearly and concisely. It has been built with a pricing table theme and frequently asked questions in mind, so that you can easily launch your own service.

The landing page. Lastly, if you need to capture leads or subscribers, you can use this layout on any of your pages. This page of Skyline features a contact form at the very top, so that you can get visitors to join or sign up. If you’d prefer using a custom form, you can simply use one of the many available WordPress plugins instead.

Start creating pages faster

These pages are just the first ones, and we will be expanding the layout collection with many more designs in the future. In the mean time, you can check out the current ones by using the Layout Library.

Have you tried out the Layout Library already?

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