It’s been around three months since we released Forge, a powerful front-end builder for WordPress. So far, the plugin has grown nicely and we’ve improved it a lot since its launch.

Forge is available for free in the official WordPress repository, and there was also a paid version named Forge Pro available on the CPOThemes website. However, that has changed. Forge Pro is no more.

We have removed Forge Pro altogether

When creating Forge, we envisioned not just a simple plugin but a suite of design tools that helped create better content. This also carries over to the marketing aspect of a website, since both are highly dependent on each other to produce results.

We initially conceived Forge Pro as a premium tool with more features such as more elements, layouts, or reusable templates. But along the way, thought up a lot of potential features. A lot.

Trying to accommodate all of them into a single plugin would be quite an ordeal, so we have essentially changed our business model entirely.

Hello Forge extensions

Instead of having a plugin with a free version and a paid version, we have decided to go the extensions model.

This means Forge Pro is no more, and the only existing plugin will be the free version of Forge residing in the official repository.

And to make up for the removal of Forge Pro, there will be a number of extensions that extend the free plugin’s functionality. So far, you can already see three of them:

These are just the first of many to come, and we plan to eventually have tens of extensions for different types of websites.

Overall, we think this is a good change. Individual extensions are cheaper and more affordable than the original cost of Forge Pro, and you will only need to purchase what you need. For example, if you are a blogger you might find more value in tthe Advanced Elements extension instead of Templates.

What this means for customers of Forge Pro

For those who have already purchased Forge Pro, rest assured.

Installing all three extensions will provide the exact same functionality as Forge Pro, so all you will need to do is switch to using the free version combined with the extensions.

Since we have also separated Forge into a different website altogether, we will be sending a special coupon code to all our customers. This coupon will let you get all the current extensions for free and also give you access to new licenses.

In fact, if you purchased Forge Pro a few months ago, you will get a full year of support and updates starting now!

Extensions mean great things

With this, we have finished transitioning to the add-on model, and we will begin releasing new extensions very soon.

The current extensions will also be massively improved over time, so stay tuned for more interesting updates!

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