These past months we’ve improved Forge a lot: we launched three different updates and some new features, and also polished the interface so that your page building is a smoother experience.

However, one of the things we wanted to do right from the start was to create a really cohesive platform. While Forge is compatible with any WordPress theme out there, we wanted to provide one of our own.

And it’s finally here. Say hello to Furnace, the first WordPress theme specially designed to work with Forge!


A WordPress Theme Made For forge

Over the years, we have lerned a lot about WordPress themes. Over at CPOThemes we are constantly working on improving the WordPress theme experience– this means adding new stuff, polishing features… and in some cases removing others!

With that being said, Furnace is quite a powerful WordPress theme.

We packed a lot of features into it, so it’s essentially a premium-grade WordPress theme in a free package. why is this? Because Forge is intended to be an incredibly powerful and flexible page builder. And for that, you need a good theme that makes everything smoother.

In Furnace, you’ll find some features that are normally not available on a free theme:

  • Seven different sidebar layouts
  • A full selection of color palettes
  • Over a hundred Google Fonts
  • Options for toggling dates, comments, authors
  • Column-based blog layouts

And so on. But there’s also one thing that makes Furnace really unique: it comes with Forge presets.

Introducing Presets


Presets are a cute little feature that we silently introduced a while back in Forge. In short, they allow you to load the demo content of a theme in five seconds flat.

In other words, as soon as you install a new theme that supports presets, you can selectively load fully functional pages into your WordPress install.

Compared to the old way of loading demo content with the WordPress importer, this will make the entire process easier for you. A lot easier:

  • You can individually load a single demo page again and again
  • You don’t need to download, then re-upload an XML file into WordPress
  • You don’t need to worry about duplicated demo pages
  • You don’t need to worry about attachments.

I will write more about presets further on, because they are quite an amazing functionality. They are truly something we were planning since a long time ago, and we are hoping to solve a big problem in WordPress with them.

But if you want to know more about them right now, the best way to do so is to try out Furnace. As soon as you install it alongside Forge, you will see everything come together.

Try Furnace today

With that being said, I can only recommend you try out this new theme– especially if you like using Forge for building content with drag & drop.

Furnace is available for free on the Add-Ons page (it’s not an addon, though), and you can view the demo site here. I hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed building it!

Download Furnace Today

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