Landing pages are an essential tool to get more visitors and generating more sales on your website. They are used by marketers to create highly-focused content, which attracts the visitor’s attention with ease.

Today, we have released a new version of Forge that comes with a very special feature. With it, you can now create full screen landing pages regardless of your active WordPress theme!

Want to know more? Read on.

Creating Entire Landing Pages With Drag And Drop

Forge is a great tool for creating custom layouts. Its drag and drop engine helps you build an intricate page in just a few seconds, and you can deploy a fully functional site in a fraction of the time.

Until now, Forge only allowed you to work on the content area of a post. The builder respects the styling of your current WordPress theme, and it adapts to fit within the bounds of a post.

However, there are times when you need to create an entire page with drag and drop. Not just the content area. Since Forge is so flexible, you might want to use it for designing full-blown pages like:

  • A Landing page
  • A homepage
  • A thank you page

And so on. To acheive this, you’d need to have the header and footer of your page removed, as well as the bounding box of the content. This was only possible with themes that supported Forge, like our free theme Furnace.

With this new update, this is no longer the case.

Make your builder pages full screen

So, what does all of this mean? Basically, you can now go from this, to this:


All with the flip of a switch.

forge-fullscreen-optionForge now has an option in the post editing page that allows you to make your current page blank. All you need to do, is edit the current post and select the blank/landing page option– then save the post. With just that, you can achieve a few things:

  • The header will go away
  • The footer will disappear
  • The sidebar and bounding box of the content will go away too

This will essentially give you a blank canvas for building entire pages from scratch. Isn’t that neat?

You can find this option by updating to the latest version of Forge, right now.

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