Today is a special day: we have released a new extension! However, this is quite a different kind of release, because the extension is not for our Forge page builder.

Instead, it’s an extension for Furnace, our free WordPress theme.

Say Hello To The Theme Customizer

If you have used Furnace, you will know that it is a fairly flexible theme. It comes with plenty of options to manage your page layouts, and it can also customize the color palette and typography. It also comes with a few preset layouts, so you can load entire pages in a flash.


With the Forge Customizer, however, things reach a new level. The Customizer is a very powerful extension that powers up Furnace, and allows you to modify nearly every aspect of this theme.

In other words, the Forge Customizer turns Furnace into an incredibly versatile swiss knife. You can use the theme to build almost any kind of website, and tweak everything down to the smallest detail.

So, what do you exactly get with the Customizer?

Everything the Customizer does

For starters, the native WordPress customizer gets a massive upgrade. By installing this extension, you will be able to do the following:

  • Change the structure of the header, including colors and layouts
  • Change the appearance of page titles, selecting from many different styles
  • Modify the layout of the footer area, change how the footer menu looks

A versatile portfolio

This extension also comes with a very useful portfolio, which you can use for nearly any kind of content: projects, galleries, products, services, and so on. Portfolio items can have any slug and layout– and they are perfectly compatible with the Forge plugin.


The portfolio can be shown in a grid layout with as many columns as you choose. Oh, and you can also change the spacing, among other vrey neat features.

Other features

Besides all the layout settings and the portfolio, the Customizer extension also provides a few extra things:

  • Social media links on the header or footer
  • A shopping cart in the header area
  • Language switcher for WPML
  • Site-wide search buttons
  • Icons for menu items, as well as descriptions
  • Widgets in the header area

The Customizer is on the Starter Bundle

The Customizer is also included into the Starter Bundle pack, much like all other extensions up until now. This raises the value of this bundle by quite a bit (now you save 60% compared to purchasing them individually)– if you have purchased any of the current extensions, this might be a good time to upgrade your license.

Lastly, if you want to check out what Furnace looks like with the Customizer extension, make sure to take a look at the demo!

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