Advanced Elements

Add an extensive list of more than 30 design elements to the collection.
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Advanced Elements is an extension for the Forge page builder plugin. Its purpose is to provide you with an extensive collection of elements so that you can create more detailed pages and layouts.

List Of Advanced Elements

Advanced Elements will add the following elements to the element collection in the page builder interface:

Accordions. Blocks of text that can be opened and closed to reveal additional content. An accordion is hierarchical and can have any number of elements inside of it.

Multimedia buttons. Buttons are highly visual links that can be configured in a number of sizes, shapes, and colors. Buttons are meant to act as call-to-actions.

Featured blocks. A snippet of text composed of a title, a content, and an icon. Featured blocks help deliver consice chunks of information and are great for use in column layouts.

Google Maps. Interactive maps that can be embedded into any part of the layout. A map can be configured to be draggable, scrollable, or have different views.

Highlight boxes. A highlight box acts as a simple hierarchical element, helping you create a region with a colored background that attracts more attention.

Icon. A single icon of varying sizes and shapes. Icons are simplified featured blocks that lack any text, and can be linked to a specific URL.

Image gallery. Galleries are a collection of images arranged in various ways. This element can be configured to open in a lightbox when clicking on an image.

Messages. Messages are small blocks of text that serve as notifications or alerts, and can be set up as warnings, info, erros, or confirmation dialogs.

Navigation menus. A menu will display a set of links, taken directly from one of your native WordPress menus. These can be configured in a number of ways and layouts.

Post list. A post list will display a small listing of your chosen posts, showing the title, featured image, and other metadata. Post lists can be arranged in columns.

Pricing columns. A design element meant to display the price of your product. You can create a complete pricing table by pairing this element up with rows and columns.

Separators. A dividing line that serves as a way of separating pieces of content by creating visual spacing. Separators can be aligned to either sides of the screen and have varying widths.

Sliders. A content slider that can hold any other element inside. Sliders are highly versatile hierarchical elements that you can use to create image slideshows or carousels.

Testimonials. A small quote originating from a person that provides credibility and trust. Testimonials display the name and position of that person, as well as a picture.

User profile. A small snippet containing the bio of a specific person. User profiles can be used to create team pages, or create a designated account area.

Videos. An embedded video element from YouTube, Vimeo, or any of the supported platforms by oEmbed. Videos are responsive and scale accordingly with the available space.

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