It’s time for a new release! Today we are launching a new extension for the Forge page builder, which you will surely love.

This new extension is called Conditional Logic, and its primary purpose is to help you create smart pages that change depending on who your users are. This extension is a game changed for many types of websites, especially marketing-oriented pages and online shops.

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Create Context-Aware Pages

As you may know, page builders allow you to compose all sorts of content. With Forge, even more so. But all that content is fairly static. It’s the same regardless of whether it interests your users or not.

That’s where Conditional Logic comes in.

This extension is aimed at helping you creating intelligent pages. It provides you with the ability to set multiple conditions for displaying an element created in Forge, so you can tailor a page to specific users.

For example, let’s say you are a store owner. As you may know, returning customers are much more likely to make a new purchase than fresh users, especially if their previous experience was satisfactory.

With Conditional Logic, you could build your homepage so that it displays a different list of products. Products that your customer may be interested in, or that haven’t been bought yet. Or you could go further and add an exclusive discount to push them to buy again.

This extension is also useful for blogs and landing pages. If you pair it with Advanced Elements, you can use the Optin form element to get your visitors to subscribe to your email list.

Conditional Logic integrates with that functionality, and is capable of detecting whether your users are already subscribed. That way you can display different content once someone subscribes, or maybe a completely different offer. This will help you make better use of the space that your optin form normally takes up.

Part Of The Starter Bundle

As you can see, Condtional Logic has a ton of potential, and is a great addition to the list of Forge extensions.

Conditional Logic is available right now on the Extensions page, but it is worth noting that it is also part of the Starter Bundle! People who have already purchased it will be able to get this new extension immediately.

If you haven’t purchased it yet, make sure to check it out. Even though it has one new extension, the price of the bundle remains unchanged. This means you can now get up to 40% off compared to purchasing each extension separately.

Check it out.


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